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Make your own Monster Horns...

So I was trying out a new Halloween look the other day and wanted to incorporate some demon horns, these can of course be bought but I thought I would scout around the house and see if I could make some with the bits and bobs I had available.

So if you fancy making yourself a pair of cool demon/devil horns for this Halloween follow the steps below.

1. Making the horn shape -

I found some old polystyrene and used a knife to carve it into a small cone shape. You could also use a sponge and scissors to make this shape and in retrospect this may have been less messy! It doesn't matter if the shapes are a little rough, as long as they sort of resemble horns. If you can try and make a flat bottom at this point that would be really helpful.

2. Papier-mâché

I coated the horns in a thin layer PVA glue and then wrapped the horns in a piece of newspaper. I made sure to keep the bottom flat. I repeated this process and then used my fingers to shape the paper to create a curved edge and a pointed top.

Once the horns were dry they looked like this... because I kept the bottom flat the horns were able to stand up. This is important, if the horns do not have a flat bottom they will be difficult to attach to the skin. Don't worry too much about the lumps and bumps, I found they added to the overall effect.

3. Paint!

Once the horns were dry I coated them in a layer of paint, I would suggest using a thick light coloured craft paint. I found some in a children's craft set and it worked perfectly. It doesn't really matter the colour of the initial paint, as long as it is light.

4. Shading

Once the horns had dried. I painted over them again. You should try and choose a darker colour for the bottom and a lighter colour for the top. I chose pink but you could use any colour.

5. Detail

Once the horns were dry I began to add detail. I wasn't happy with the pink so I changed the colour to purple. I used a darker shade for the bottom and a lighter shade at the top. I tried to blend the two colours together so there was a gradual contrast.

Once dry I painted the bottom and top of the horns black. I then added some wiggly black lines coming up from the bottom, you could also use a black pen. Once I was happy with the black lines, I added some white lines to highlight.

6. Sticking your horns on...

Wait until your horns are completely dry and then coat the bottom of each horn with a thin layer of liquid latex, wait for this to dry.

I then applied a thin layer of liquid latex to the areas on my head where I wanted the horns to go. After a few seconds the latex began to turn tacky, at this point I held the horn in place for about 30 seconds and then let go.

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