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Our top ten favourite children's face paints...

Here at Emily's Entertainment we love how crazy and unique a child's imagination can be. We often get asked for some of the most wonderfully bizarre requests and we wouldn't have it any other way. But here are our top ten all time favourite requests that we get asked for week in week out.

1. Butterfly - From pink and sparkly to rainbow and flowery, butterflies are one of our most popular requests.

2. Spiderman - This all time favourite superhero never gets old!

3. Cat - From cute and cuddly kittens to neon rainbow cats, we love this design!

4. Tiger - Boys and girls of all ages love this design! Say RAWR!

5. Flowers - Sometimes simple is best, some sparkly, colourful flowers are perfect when you are in a hurry.

6. Dinosaur - What could possibly be better than a face full of green paint and some sharp pointy teeth!?

7. Princess - Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles!

8. Monsters - Because some children just like to be scary!

9. Unicorns - Because what is more magical than a unicorn!

10. Face Paint Tattoos - We love face painting children's favourite characters on hands this can be such a great way to introduce your child to face paint!

And there you have it our top ten favourite children's designs, we hope you liked them. Just for fun we have added some of our more unusual requests below. Let us know in the comments what your child's favourite design is and if you have any requests.

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